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Dacha Town


Dacha Town by Captain Relaxo

Terrified, lonely and cold,
Made a mistake on a long and empty road.
Sunflowers around a dirty mud track,
A burnt out car made it in, but can’t get back.

A half-built guard house falling down,
Barbed wire surrounds dacha town.
Yurii built his house tall,
Hides his plants behind a nine foot wall.

Dacha town,
Dacha town.

Watch: Studio Vocal and Guitar Recording: Dacha Town


Soviet-era apartment blocks, differing heights, colours and styles, stretch to the horizon. The neighbouring building's windows feel too close, miniature TV screens, few obscured with curtains or blinds, a sweeping look discovers a man dressed in a tracksuit, he is heading a football in endless repetition in his bedroom, his wife standing unmoving by the gas stove in the kitchen.

The ding of a file arriving brings Steve back from lockdown window-gazing. Dave had sent the drums, six takes, each different, each one unexpectedly brilliant. Time to piece them together, to fit the parts with the demo recording. Blair would then start writing the bass part, Andy had already sent some files, a harmonica solo and backing vocals, they worked seamlessly, just a level adjustment needed and they were there.

A different beep, this time a file from Duncan, a guitar solo, rough, ragged, distorted, just what that track needs to express its story. Walking through to the bedroom Kyiv’s skyline had taken on a hazy peach hue as the setting sun’s rays contacted the city smog.

Orpheus Part One EP

All songs written and recorded by Captain Relaxo (c) 2020.

Steve Asplin - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Blair Asplin - Bass
Andy McGrath - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
David Le Fleming - Drums
Duncan McCann - Bass, Keys/Synths

Mixed by Steve Asplin in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Cover art: I love the nightlife by David Le Fleming www.davidlefleming.com